January 20, 2017

Together Again: The Mike Andrews Fundraiser

The Dance World recently lost an amazing Dance Legend in Mike Andrews. To say that he left many broken inside, he left a huge footprint to fill. He left his mark. Mike Andrews is best known for working
January 14, 2017

Messages To Heaven

Messages To Heaven This will be by far the hardest thing that I will ever write. The moment I found out you were on social media, I quietly followed you. I was thinking that if i did interact with you,
January 4, 2017

Janet Jackson’s New Arrival

News quickly spread about Janet & Wissam's new precious baby boy named Eissa Al Mana. Fans from around the world have taken to social media to send the star & her new family congratulations. As
January 2, 2017

Love That Conquers

A few weeks ago, I couldn't sleep. I read, I listened to music but nothing worked. So i decided to watch a movie. I Googled Civil Rights movies and a movie I have always wanted to see was available to
December 15, 2016

One Last Wish

How would you feel if you were someone else's last wish? Would you want to fulfill it or be reluctant to do so? For 60 year old Eric Schmitt-Matzen who is over 300 pounds and looks like The Big Man
December 12, 2016

A 21 Year Journey Ends: Monica

Last month, Monica took to instagram to let her fans know that her tenure at Sony/RCA was over. If you are like me, it doesn't feel like 21 years have gone by. With Monica's long journey came great
October 23, 2016

The Movement Continues…. Torrance CA

Junior Hubbard took some time out of his busy day to chat with The C-Spot. He had the following to say: When focusing on the direction of this project, I wanted to capture as many elements of Janet's
October 20, 2016

The Velvet Rope

I always loved Janet as a little girl, even though I couldn't understand at the time the messages of the RN1814 album or the sexual innuendo of the Janet. album. But it was my early teen years, when the