September 23, 2016

By Any Means Necessary (No Justice No Peace)

I have been going over this topic for so long.I could never find the right words to express what I have been feeling. This hits home on so many levels. Normally, I am not one to voice my opinion on
September 20, 2016

27 Years Later: A Nation In Rhythm

        Janet Jackson celebrates another milestone birthday. Not Janet exactly, we know she had her day back in May when she turned 50. The milestone birthday in question
September 10, 2016

Janet Jackson: Queen Of Our Hearts

Over the years, some women and men have thought that they hit a rough patch in the weight area. More women than men, actually, have gone from diet to diet just to lose weight and feel great about themselves.
September 4, 2016

One Voice: The Force Behind #InductJanet

When you are all talk and no action, nothing can change. Having something to say with action behind it to make a difference brings about change. I was honored to have the chance to talk with the creator
September 3, 2016

A Writer’s Imagination: In Her Own Words

As a writer, many think that words flow easy and thoughts are complete. Some also feel like writers can embrace any subject freely and write whatever comes to mind. In most cases, thoughts are easy to
September 2, 2016

Uniting A Movement Through a Dream

As young children, we all have dreams of becoming successful at whatever we do in life. For some, it may mean a better life for their family, while others may look at being successful as an escape from
September 1, 2016

The Artist: A Nation Illustrated through Rhythm

Over the past few months, I have really been into the different types of art. The creativity of most people is at an all-time high. The dedication of the artist takes time and devotion to perfect their
August 30, 2016

Yes We Remember: Michael Jackson

A KING IS BORN 58 years ago today, a KING was born. As a young boy, I am pretty sure Michael Joseph Jackson didn't realize how legendary his career would be. Yes, I used the words legendary and King.
August 26, 2016

Aaliyah: 15 Years Later (We Miss You)

How has it been 15 years already? I remember this day like it was yesterday. Aaliyah has always been an artist that I listened to on the regular. This was when I used to dub songs on the radio on cassette