2018 Billboard Music Awards: Janet Jackson Receives The Icon Award

Janet Jackson has been trending on social media for the past few months. There was #DanceWithJanet and then #Janet_Icon. Janet Jackson is of legend status now and it didn’t come easy. Imagine having to live up to an older brother who broke barriers while you were still in diapers. Through hard work and dedication, Janet proved that she could hang in the big leagues. Record after record was broken and she proved time and time again that she was and is the Icon that can’t be stopped.

Janet took the stage to perform classics such as ‘If’ and ‘Throb’ during the 2018 Billboard Awards. She included dancers from her Unbreakable and State of the World Tour plus a few new comers. One young lady had been through a hard fought battle of cancer, another used reinforcements to #DanceWithJanet, while Philip Galbert, a viral online dancer danced his way to the stage. Janet showed love and appreciation for a group who took it a step farther. A few of the crew from Janfam The Movement got an invite to the awards as well.

Bruno Mars was given the opportunity to present Janet with her Icon Award tonight. She also made history as being the very first African American woman to receive the honor.

Janet began her speech after a thunderous Janet chant. She spoke on how grateful she was and that through all of the challenges that are faced, we live at a glorious moment in history. She spoke about women standing up for themselves and not being controlled or abused.

Janet urged all to turn back to the source of all calmness. That source is GOD. Everything that we lack, God has in abundance. She thanked God for also giving her the precious energy to live her life as an artist who every single day seeks to expand her capacity to love.

Janet Jackson is one unbelievable woman who has had an incredible career. There is way more to Janet, just watch. Festivals, tours and beyond; Janet Jackson is and always will be an ICON!

Janet Arriving @ 2018 Billboard Awards
Janet Arriving @ 2018 Billboard Awards -Red Carpet
Janet @ 2018 Billboard Awards – Performance & Speech

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