Aaliyah: 15 Years Later (We Miss You)

How has it been 15 years already? I remember this day like it was yesterday. Aaliyah has always been an artist that I listened to on the regular. This was when I used to dub songs on the radio on cassette tapes. I recently learned to burn cd’s and make several of her music. I know that it wasn’t right, but some Sunday mornings before church, I used to listen to Aaliyah. Her voice was so mellow and demanded control. Her style of music made you want to groove out and dance.

The day we all found out she passed, I remember telling my sister to turn on B.E.T., she gave me a look like I lost my mind. I told her no and to just turn on B.E.T.For a moment, I paid attention to the show that was on, until it went to commercial. Then the scrolling alert caught my eyes. I read it about five times before it sunk in. I couldn’t believe it. I never cried over a celebrity, it seemed crazy to do. With Aaliyah, things were different. I cried because I felt she was so young and talented

One In A Million

Aaliyah was a true artist, entertainer and role model. She carried herself with style and dignity. Her fans supported her through her short career, and more so after her untimely death. One person who had her eyes on Aaliyah and her career and one day wanted to work with The R&B Princess, was the Queen of Pop Janet Jackson. Jackson mentioned in an interview how she would love to work with her.

To this day, R&B has changed. It is missing that stylish brown skinned beauty who sang about age ain’t being nothing but a number and needing a revolution. Her songs empowered women to a certain extent to be classy but forward. She even talked about heartbreak on one of my favorite songs “The One I Gave My Heart To”. This song to me spoke for all the hurt that she had been through. It allowed us to see Aaliyah with no filter.

With countless number one hits, I can guarantee if she were still alive her music would continue to chart high. She already left a lasting legacy, but her true artistry would implement itself and her as one of the greatest of our time. So as fans around the world remember Aaliyah 15 years later, the entertainment world shines their light on that ONE IN A MILLION DIAMOND

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