An Unbreakable Era

An Era like no other. When this era, The Unbreakable Era began, fans around the world were filled with excitement. The chart topper, Grammy award winning songstress was making her triumphant return. When Janet dropped the announcement for this era, I knew this era would be like not other.

Behind The Music

Jimmy Jam recently did an interview on the Kelly Alexander Show, where he said that he and his partner, along with Janet would play ping pong of sorts with different music to see what grabs their attention and what doesn’t. One of the long hidden secrets of this dynamic trio is the Title Book. The Title book is a book with a list of titles, it could be a sign that was seen passing down a road, whatever feels right.
What peaked my interest is that after 30+ years of making hits and a few years of silence, the famous trio can get back together and still be able to make magic. I didn’t doubt this for a moment.

Unbreakable is an album that combines her first couple of albums and gives a new vibe as well. This is an album where Janet felt like she could continue the conversation she first started with Control. This era in her music, she wanted to do things her way. Unbreakable is her way of saying that after all these years and everything I have been through, I am Unbreakable.

Unbreakable Bond Between Family and Friends

Some bonds are meant to last a lifetime. The bond that Janet has with her go to magic makers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis will do just that. If the longevity means something, it means that through it all you not only have great friends, but those friends become family.
Through Janet’s entire career, her entire crew over the years has become a part of her family in some way, but what about her real family? Everyone knows Janet comes from a family lineage that cannot be compared to any other. The one family member that I can really say inspired Janet through it all was Michael. Michael had a career like no other. His work is timeless and will be the blueprint for many artists to come. Janet saw Michael’s hard work and also witnessed what it could do to someone’s life.

Unbreakable Expectations

When it was time to work on Unbreakable, There were no real expectations because people knew it would be great music, but no one knew the caliber because there were no record execs rushing the process. This process went the way Janet wanted it to go. She did things her way. The only expectations came from her. Sometimes I feel Janet is a little too hard on herself, but in the end, it works out. She knows what works.
During the process, which she was very much involved in, her expectations seemed high because she probably thought of how she was going to still give the fans music that they so much needed.

Spreading Unbreakable Love Around The World

One would think to produce an album after being quiet for so any years, would be a losing battle. In Janet’s case, it was like she never hung up her headphones in the studio. At this point in her career, Janet’s presence alone gives her fans EVERYTHING and more. They know Janet will deliver her soul with all that she has.
In late Summer of 2015, Janet embarked on a tour which within minutes some cities sold out. Yes, I said late Summer as in August. How could that be when Janet’s 11th studio album Unbreakable wasn’t released until October 2nd? I think Janet planned it this way for a reason. You see Janet always released an album before touring, but not this time. I think Janet wanted her fans to experience a live version of her album before hearing it digitally. Was this a smart move? Yes. For her previous 10 albums, Janet did things through the media. From different interviews to performances. This time, she wanted no dealings with the media. If you have been listening to the album in heavy rotation like I have, she pens a song to the media. The Great Forever.

Still Unbreakable

Through Janet’s entire career, I have seen her in a different light from most artists. Most artists do what their fans tell them in the sense of music. With Janet, she doesn’t do what her fans tell her. Janet makes music through what her fans need to hear and what she thinks that they will like. This is a huge part of her blueprint. Her legacy and iconic stance are as high as it is because of it.
Through highs and lows, ups and downs and so much more, Janet puts out music to fit what she is going through. I have a feeling she knows that either her fans have been through it or one day will experience it. Unbreakable is an album of happiness, love, and power. This album has so many anthems that fit today’s social injustices and tragedies. On the other hand, this album shows that Janet is in a much peaceful place in her life. With her adding another name to her title soon, she is showing the world that she is truly UNBREAKABLE.

3 thoughts on “An Unbreakable Era

  • October 2, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    Beautifully written. And very thoughtful and endearing.
    Let’s keep the conversation going.

  • October 2, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    Great read fam… Happy 1 year #Janniversary #Unbreakable… #Plush

  • October 3, 2016 at 12:10 am

    Another fabulous piece of work Cici! Our #janfam bond is so meaningful and strong because Janet has empowered us all and we come together as one…..our love is also unbreakable for her❤️


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