By Any Means Necessary (No Justice No Peace)


We are a nation with no geographic boundaries
Bound together through our beliefs
We are like-minded individuals
Sharing a common vision
Pushing toward a world rid of color-lines

                           – Janet Jackson (1989)

I have been going back and forth with this blog for so long. The question arose if I should write this, to begin with. I am not worried about who it will reach and if it will change things. My main issue was if this will get people to think. This is a hard topic for me because I have friends who wear the vest and friends who are sought after by the vest. When it comes to this topic, I see it from both sides. Don’t get me wrong I see it clearer from one side. Altogether things have to change. Justice needs to be sought.

In 1989, Janet Jackson, like many others were tired of seeing all the social injustices and mere tragedies that were going on around the world. She used her platform to bring about awareness. Jackson hit the studio and released Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814. This album begins with the above pledge.

We Are A Nation With No Geographic Boundaries

We have the freest nation in the world. Are united with no spaces in between. We are united in ways that other nations can only dream of. Our beliefs that everyone should be treated fairly. Our beliefs that enable us to have freedom of speech, freedom to live the way we choose without sacrifice or fear. As a free nation without boundaries, the people should be able to set all differences aside and come to one understanding. They should understand that they have to come together and unite as one, get on the same page.

We Are Like-Minded Individuals

Most of us have one thing going for us, we have the same way of thinking. We have thoughts of being treated equally. We have a common vision. That vision is to be seen not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character. (MLK) We want to live in a place where we can all see past color, where we can not make assumptions based on how one dresses or walks.

If you look deep inside of every single human being, you will find the same beating heart, and if you look deeper you will find the same skeletal makeup. I heard the saying once “We are not born racists”. Which means, we are not born with the same thinking pattern. This is a learned behavior. We have to teach this generation that there is a need. The need is for us to look past the color lines and see each other as what we are HUMAN.

The Color of Justice

In today’s society, most people see color within everything they look at. Especially, during this year, things have taken a turn for the worse. In the past year over 100 people of ethnic backgrounds have been killed in gun violence due to the unjust actions of the justice system. While they deal with this, something more serious has come to the light. The fact that people take the very serious issues that face the ethnic backgrounds, and make fun of it.
Lately, there has been a trend at some colleges and universities called the black face. This is where the people who are not affected by their skin color paint their faces black and post images or videos to social media mocking the ever growing Black Lives Matter movement.
This is a rising problem. A few years ago, African American college students faced high disciplinary actions after hazing events surfaced. Also the fact that a non-colored woman lied about being raped by an African-American all-star football player. In return, this student lost his chance at having a college football career because he spent 10 years in prison. In the end, the charges against him were eventually dropped when the victim retracted her statement.
On the contrary, Brock Turner was convicted of raping an unconscious woman. When he went to court, the judge was worried about his future on the swim team and didn’t want any long-term effects standing in the way of his future. He passed a judgment of 6 months in prison. The worst part is after three months, Brock Turner was released. While the African American student couldn’t get his future back, Turner was allowed his.

Injustice Gone Too Far

An injustice is the fact that African American men who are stopped by the police for small offenses such as drugs or broken tail lights and end up shot to death, while Caucasian men are mass murderers who get the opportunity to go for food or be taken into custody alive.
An injustice is when young African-American children or children of other ethnic backgrounds are afraid to play outside. The fact that if they are late for something and have to hurry,they have to worry about being chased because they look suspicious.
A ten-year-old African-American little boy was chased by a gang of police because he fit the description of a suspect. This is something that hits home for me. I have two young nephews and they are good kids. I am afraid that one day, I will get a call saying that this has hit close. This is more than a Philander Castille, Eric Gardner, and Trayvon Martin thing. This is a human race thing. The human race as a whole is hurting. The systems that are supposed to be taking care of us and keeping us safe are failing us as a whole.

Say Her Name

There is a social media hashtag circling around twitter #SayHerName. This is a popular hashtag because if the young men weren’t enough, now the police are going after young women as well. Women like Sandra Bland have been scrutinized and victimized by the system that is supposed to save them. The excuses for this such behavior are ridiculous. She didn’t comply or this is what happens when you don’t follow instructions. On the contrary, if the police don’t follow or comply with instructions they are rewarded with a paid leave. SayHer Name and Black Lives Matter are two movements that in this day and age, should not exist. All Lives DO and SHOULD matter. But on the flip side, we can’t get mad at celebrities who choose to say ALL LIVES MATTER. We can’t be bitter because they choose to see the big picture.

An Angry World

Mark Twain once said, “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on such is poured.” The past injustices that have taken place is more a reason to not be angry than to be angry. Let me explain. So the African American race has had a long list of horrible things happen to them. From slavery to the unjust killings of the race by police officers. Let me just stop and say one thing. One of the last people to lose their life to an officer by excessive force was killed by a black officer. As I stated before this is a reason not to be angry because this means that this is not a race thing like most think it is. Be angry while using your voice to make a change and not your actions. Your actions may seem good, but many cause more harm. As Quincy Jones once stated “Be Better, Not Bitter.

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