May 1, 2017

Legend | Quincy Jones

A Legend Known As Quincy Jones For well over 70 years, Quincy Jones has had a huge part in the careers of artists such as Michael Jackson, Tevin Campbell, Andre Crouch, James Ingram just to name a few.
April 10, 2017

10 Ways Janet Jackson Changed The Industry

This past Friday, The incredible founders of the Janet's Legacy Matters Movement outdid themselves with the release of their months long anticipated video entitled "10 Ways Janet Jackson Changed The Industry".
February 22, 2017

Challenge Accepted: Poetic Justice

Over the weekend, the masterminds behind #JanetsLegacyMatters Lamont Hicks and Christopher Lendan have been hard at work. What did they come up with? #ThePoeticJusticeChallenge This is a challenge for
February 16, 2017

A Nation In Need of Rhythm

As we take a look at our nation, there is a severe need of unity. There are a lot of things happening that in the eyes of our ancestors, the nation should be passed. Unfortunately, the nation is nowhere
February 10, 2017

Janet’s Legacy: You Can’t Erase The BluePrint

For over 40 years, Janet Jackson has been in the business. But contrary to all of the success she's had, the deliberate intentional blacklisting of her music and trying to erase her illustrious career
January 20, 2017

Together Again: The Mike Andrews Fundraiser

The Dance World recently lost an amazing Dance Legend in Mike Andrews. To say that he left many broken inside, he left a huge footprint to fill. He left his mark. Mike Andrews is best known for working
January 14, 2017

Messages To Heaven

Messages To Heaven This will be by far the hardest thing that I will ever write. The moment I found out you were on social media, I quietly followed you. I was thinking that if i did interact with you,
October 23, 2016

The Movement Continues…. Torrance CA

Junior Hubbard took some time out of his busy day to chat with The C-Spot. He had the following to say: When focusing on the direction of this project, I wanted to capture as many elements of Janet's