Darkest Days: The State of The World We Live In

Over the past 33 years, there has been 10 catastrophic mass shootings. These mass shootings are the worst in history because of the magnitude of them. From schools to concerts and clubs, thousands of lives have been changed over the years. This is added on to all of the natural disaster occurrences, Hurricane Andrew in 1991 to Hurricane Harvey in 2017, something needs to be done to prevent such instances as these. Let me just make a little break in the blog to say that it is much worse now having government officials who have little to no training in running government buildings and protecting billions of people.

In this day and age, with the most respect as I can give to our president, he has everything centered around politics. Recently, he set on a rampage on Twitter to attack the National Football League because of it’s stance on injustice and police brutality. This president is all about what he can win and lose, instead of how can he make the country a better place. He attacks people who don’t agree with him on different things such as gun laws and government assistance which provides aid to help people who weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths or those who don’t do things just because they can.

Many celebrities have voiced their disdain about the president, but they also want world issues to be taken seriously. Do something about mental health and gun laws, the unjust of killing unarmed men of color. This is not just a black lives movement, other nationalities are facing the unjust in the world as well. The rate that it is going, there seems to be no stopping anytime soon. To add fuel to the fire, judges and higher ranking officials are coming to false conclusions based on lies and the past of the victim. Police officers all around are now being hailed as heroes for doing things by the book. Choking someone to death standing outside of a store isn’t doing things by the book. Killing someone sitting in a car who cooperated with the police, following all commands and an upstanding citizen in his community killed with his young daughter in the car. Two seventeen year old boys, one wearing a hoodie and one with cigars got shot down in cold blood. Where is the justice in that? Also someone with any type of mental illness should get the help they need. It should not be easy for them to obtain a gun. President Obama had a law for that. Guess what? Trump stopped it.

Our president and other government officials uphold police officers, even if dash cam and body cam video shows something different. What gives someone the right to choose whether someone lives or dies just because their way of life? President Obama had it in works to put in laws against gun violence. Trump ended that too. Things are happening at a fast rate.

The State of the world right now is on Trump. Trump is making it hard on minorities. It has literally become a war on the minorities. Trump said that occurrences like Sandy Hook wouldn’t happen on his watch. Trump has always tried to say he can do a better job at presidency and be the best in history. Since Trump has been in office, he has literally undone everything President Obama has done in 8 years. President Trump, you now have the task of dealing with the worst mass shooting in history. The Nevada shooting has affected more than 700 lives. Here is a tad bit of advice for Trump. Instead of making things about politics, focus on the massacres that are taking place. Make mental illness training for officers mandatory so that innocent people with mental issues can get the help they need without being killed. Get training for officers on how to use a stun gun instead of bullets to gain control over a scene of a crime. Allow people to exercise their first amendment right of free speech. Police officers are not kings or perfect in no way, shape or form. Mistakes happen and everyone should learn from them.

Everything should not be about color, ethnicity or about one person being better than the other. We all should unite and treat each other better. We are not in slavery, we are not segregated and more equality has been given than before. We must make these laws better as we become better people. To all my people #TakeAKnee is more than a black thing. It is a people thing. A movement to stop the injustices against LGBTQ, the killing of unarmed men of color, illiteracy, bigotry, and ignorance. There is a lot of ignorance. Let’s try to move from the past and create a better future because the generations beneath us can’t live off of pointing fingers. Let them live in unity. Allow your voices to be heard. Not out of anger, but out of unbreakable love. Keep all the victims from Las Vegas in your thoughts and prayers. Continue to look to God for refuge and strength. Let’s join forces and become a better world, we don’t need a president to dictate whether we live happily or in fear.

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