Harry & Megan: Love Will Find Its Way

A British playboy.
An American Actress.

Pure love has found its way. Love that culture and prestige could not separate. Prince Harry had royal beginnings as he was born in the royal family of England. Megan’s beginnings were built on the hard work of her mother and father, an African American woman and a Caucasian man. Once Megan got older, she became an actress who landed a role on the USA Network’s Series ‘Suits’. While still an actress on the show, Megan met Prince Harry.

Over the pond, Prince Harry’s life couldn’t be more different than Megan’s. Prince Harry is the son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. He lived his life with the world watching. The paparazzi are everywhere snapping photos and always eager for a comment. In the Lifetime movie ‘Harry and Megan’, Prince Harry even blamed the paparazzi for his mother’s death, chasing her car into a tunnel where it crashed. The ‘said’ paparazzi didn’t even help after the crash, they took pictures. As Prince Harry grew older, he enlisted in the British Military and served two tours helping the forces. After his two tours, he created the Invictus Games for former Military men and women who were injured during the tours. In late 2017, at that year’s games, the world finally witnessed the Prince and Megan together for the first time.

As the world watched this budding romance bloom into preparations for a wedding, there were many questions that arose. How will the throne handle an interracial relationship? Will Queen Elizabeth allow Harry to wed an African American woman? What traditions will be relaxed to allow both cultures to be at ease? These questions and more have been answered in their own way. Both Prince Charles & Queen Elizabeth both agree on the upcoming nuptials. Queen Elizabeth couldn’t be more prouder of her grandson Prince Harry. She seems happy that he has found true love of his own. A few traditions have been relaxed. One of them being the Queen will exit her home to meet Meghan Markles’ mom in the entrance of the palace. A few traditions remain as all female guests are required to wear day dresses and hats. Also when the food is served, there are several etiquette mannerisms you must follow. You know, use this fork for this and that spoon for that. The Queen also ends dinner. When Queen Elizabeth is done eating, all plates are cleared form the table.

Harry has always been the type of human to live by his own rules. He wanted to find a happiness to feel his whole heart. Along came this beautiful multicultural woman who he met as he was set up on a blind date by a friend. This woman would change his life in more ways than he would probably care to admit. Meghan also found love after loss. She never thought true love was meant for her until she met a “Ginger”. Meghan most likely never imagined marrying into a royal family, but now that the time has come, you can definitely see pure joy.

This romance has had a few ups and downs, both Meghan & Harry’s strong willed personalities definitely go hand in had and there will be greatness etched throughout this blissful union.

Congratulations to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle on their Royal Wedding.

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