Helping Hands: A JanFam Movement Benefiting Victims of Hurricane Irma

The other day, my pastor asked a question. What did you learn from the storm? As I look at all the devastation in Texas, I can only ask the same question. By the end of this, I will hopefully be able to answer this question. It is not just about Texas anymore. Hurricanes Irma and Maria also struck and caused catastrophic damage.
High winds, flooding, drowning, trees down, live powerlines down…. DEATH. What can you do when the water rises so fast without warning? What can you do when a storm that wasn’t supposed to head your way, turns and barrels straight for you? What can you do when you are told you don’t have to evacuate because the storm isn’t a threat to you, but then in the dark, cold midnight hour you must decide in an hour to evacuate your home because banks and reservoirs that were supposed to hold the water back are about to overflow?

What do you do when within 24 hours you lose everything you owned and your life as you once knew it was changed forever. Where do you go? The emotional strain is enough to cripple anyone. Over the past few weeks, I have once again lived through such devastation. The same goes for people in Louisiana and Florida, and most importantly Puerto Rico. The only thing this time that is different is strangers are banding together to help each other. So many people with boats came from near and far just to help the residents get out to higher ground. People are driving across borders to help those affected. Although parts of Texas still need help, there is more devastation and chaos that is needed. In places like Puerto Rico where the whole Island is without power. They need our help more now than ever.
What we can all learn from these natural disasters that are happening is that no matter who you are or where you are from, your walk of life etc., these occurrences will bring each other together united as one.
There is help on the way. Janfam The Movement and their supporters are putting together an event to help with any necessities that those affected may need. Famed dancers Laurel Thomson, Whyley Yoshimura, Alexandra Carson, Mishay Petronelli will come together on October 12th from 12:30 to 5:30pm at DanceLine LA in Culver City, California. There will be food, t shirts and prizes. If you just want to dance, observers are welcome.

If you can’t attend, and just want to donate go to Donate

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