High Road To Stardom: Nay Nichelle

Stardom doesn’t come easy. In fact, it takes years of hard work and dedication for dreams to come true. Once your dream is realized, the hard work isn’t over. It has just begun. This is one thing that up and coming independent artist Nay Nichelle has realized. It goes far beyond the true talent of anyone. Sometimes, it’s not about the money. It’s about your voice being heard. It’s about helping someone by expressing what you have gone through to get where you are. Most people think it’s about making money, while others just want to make someone proud. They want to show people that anything is possible if you have faith and believe.

Recently, as in today, I read a post from her that explains her life to the fullest. She writes … “I have lives to save and people to help.” This shows you that it’s not easy living the life people want you to live sometimes. You should step back and realize you have to live for you. Seeing how humble and down to earth she is, shows that it’s not all about being seen as this or that. You should show people the TRUE YOU.

Last year, Nay Nichelle took social media by storm. Adele had recently announced a few concerts after releasing her hit “Hello”. Seeing as she wanted to go to the concert, the tickets were a bit pricey. Nay Nichelle made a parody video titled “Hello From The Parking Lot”. It was viewed approximately 1 million times. Not only that, she got the attention of MTV, SEVENTEEN MAG, BBC LONDON,CHRIS BROWN, RYAN SEACREST, and CBS just to name a few. This skyrocketed her career and she motivated herself to work harder to achieve her dreams.

Achieve her dreams she did. This year, Nay Nichelle released a video “No War”. This video was recently shared by Sheryl Underwood on twitter. Nay Nichelle states,”I have my own goals and my own path” This young artist is doing things her way. Her faith and endurance will excel her to the high road.

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