I’m Done: Janet Sets Essence Fest On Fire, Reclaiming Her Throne

Every year when Essence Fest hits New Orleans, people around the nation know it’s going to be a party. Year after year, legends and current artist hit the stage for the 3 Day mega event.

This year saw the return of Janet Jackson. Jackson last appeared at the Essence Fest in 2010. Janet’s fans (The Janfam) have been eager for the ICON to return to the festival. They got their wish. Janet didn’t just return, she headlined and closed out the show with a bang.

Cruising through her legendary catalog, Jackson serenaded fans through each era of her career. Janet opened giving soul inspiring insight to what is happening in the world. From Control to No Sleep, Jackson sang and danced as if she was still in her twenties and not a 52 year old mother.

Janet showed through several costume changes that she is now comfortable and happy in her own skin. She is free and in an amazing place. She even dug in her recent family loss and honored her father saying that he would have told her to “finish what she started.”

When many fans thought that Janet was not going to do certain songs from her tour, she surprised all when she performed ‘What About’ and boldly stated “I’m Done” at the end before continuing her set. Janet had a beautiful aura about her last night. She brought all in attendance on a journey through happiness, heartache, pain and loss.

If last night’s amazing set told you anything, it’s to find a show near you and attend. Janet is the epitome of originality and will continue to inspire through her music and acts of love and kindness. Many up and coming stars love to pay tribute to her or list her as early influences. Who can blame them? Janet shows all how to live and learn through your gift. How to remain humble and acknowledge those who paved the way for you to be where you are. Be proud of who you are and where you came from. Look at your journey as life lessons to make you the best you that you can be.

Janet Jackson kicks off the second leg of her State of the World Tour this Wednesday July 11 in Austin, Texas.

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