Janet Jackson Releases New Tour Dates While Holding First Open Call Auditions in 10 Years

Janet Jackson has been occasionally posting photos of the first leg of the State of the World Tour. No one expected her to do things totally different while gearing up for her second leg of the tour kicking off July 11th in Austin, Texas. Before releasing an announcement about the new tour dates, Jackson took to social media to announce that she would be holding open auditions for the first time in 10 years. The first few days of the #DanceWithJanet contest, there was confusion as people were submitting videos longer than the allotted time of 30 seconds and dancing to other artists. So one of the dancers, Allison Claire, took to Facebook and other social media to set the rules straight.

While the #DanceWithJanet contest ended today, open auditions also took place today at Showbiz Studios in Los Angeles, California. This was a brand new location due to thousands of people wanting a chance to get to live out their dreams. Janfam The Movement‘s Casey Kennedy was out there getting the latest scoop on what to expect. Dancers flocked from places like Ohio and all the way from Canada to experience what it would be like to dance for Janet. Although Janet was not there in person, she did get to see the crowd through Face Time.

Asking auditioners about the experience, the majority said that it was a fun atmosphere and they couldn’t dream of missing an experience like this. For dance hopefuls like Briana Carter, this experience will allow their dance journey to come full circle. Being involved with Janfam The Movement workshops give her as well as Adam Jurado an idea as to what to expect. They waited in line with the other hopefuls praying for an opportunity to join Janet and her crew on up coming projects.

The wait is not over as dancers have to wait until later this week to find out if they will be called for final cuts. No matter your age, size, ethnicity or dance history; Janet is looking to work with all of you.

One could only guess that one of the reasons Janet is holding open auditions is because of the rising support of dancers who participate in Janfam The Movement workshops overseen by Junior Hubbard and his crew. (Yes, I have narrowed it down to crew so I wouldn’t leave anyone out.)

I have spent the weekend watching some dance routines on Facebook and Twitter. Seeing so much talent, I have a few favorites I’d love to see dance with Janet. There is so much pure talent out there and The C Spot would like to wish all of the talented dancers good luck and wish you nothing but success in the future.


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