Janet Jackson: Queen Of Our Hearts

Over the years, some women and men have thought that they hit a rough patch in the weight area. More women than men, actually, have gone from diet to diet just to lose weight and feel great about themselves. Having a weight battle is hard especially when you have to deal with it in public like Janet Jackson. Janet has gone through a journey with her weight. This is nothing new to the public eye. In her book, “True You”, she discusses that journey to help others find peace with how they look.

Weighted Struggle

A lot of Janet’s inward struggles with weight came from within her family. In a joking way, they gave her nicknames like booty and dunk. To them it was all fun and games, but to Janet it was not. The weight issue was even a problem when she played Penny Gordon Woods, on Good Times. In her book, she explained how they would wrap her top so that she didn’t seem too old for the character she played.
Since her time on Good Times, Janet has been on a weight rollercoaster. Diet after diet would have her weight up and down until she started working with a nutritionist and her trainer Tony Martinez, or who we like to call the man to snatch that body back right. Tony has been her trainer for years getting her into shape for events and tours.

So after all these years, why is Janet’s weight becoming an issue?

We all know that Janet has always been a private person, just opening up a few years ago about her weight. In my opinion, Janet has always been a beautiful person inside and out. Not just beauty wise but the way she carries herself. Yes, of course, she hails from a legendary family, but she stands out completely. We’ve seen Janet on red carpets and many fashion weeks through the years and her weight was up and down, so why make a big deal of it now?

Earlier this year, Janet sent the world into shock (not me) when she announced that she was postponing her Unbreakable World Tour to plan a family with her husband. This news to fans who have been around longer was well received, but for newer fans not so much. If you have been a fan for a while, you know that Janet wanted to be a parent for some time, but she would always leave it up to God. When or if it happens, it’ll happen.
So now that Janet postponed her tour, questions arose and the rumor mill started. It had gotten so bad, Janet had to send out a statement shutting down the fact that she didn’t have cancer. Come on, Cancer. If you knew Janet and loved her that much, you would think she would eventually let her fans know, since we are the first of the public to hear any news she has.

A Reason To Be

Now jumping a few months to where Janet is SUPPOSEDLY at the end of her pregnancy, or if she has had the baby already, the rumor mill is rolling again. This time, Janet is unhappy with her weight gain and has doubled in size. Also that she is fighting for her life. Yes, you read right. The first thing I want to speak on is her weight gain.
Being in your third trimester of pregnancy, you tend to gain weight. That’s no secret. If Janet is having more than one baby, that can be a cause of more weight added on. I can guarantee that Janet is not ashamed to be out in the public while being pregnant. What I can say is Janet Jackson cares about her privacy and not about the prying eyes of the media who stabbed her in the back. Maybe during this time she wants to be on the low, enjoying her life in private. There is nothing wrong with her wanting privacy to experience the transitioning of her body to bring forth life. Then to go along with that, her hormones are not intact, so maybe she doesn’t want to unleash those on anyone. Except for her husband (I feel your pain Wissam).

Not Ashamed

Seriously, as the photos show, Janet is not shy or ashamed about being out in public. Then, not too long ago, Janet was photographed after making an ice cream stop. She was far into her pregnancy then. The only thing is you couldn’t see the baby bump.

The second thing I want to discuss is Janet fighting for her life. While there are complications during pregnancy at her age, over the years many women have surpassed the age of 50 and given birth to beautiful healthy babies. It is a guarantee that if Janet was in any danger if not her team, her father Joseph or mother Katherine would make some sort of statement. Especially seeing how close Janet is to her fans and vice versa.
As Janet fans or supporters this is a time to pray to the higher authority that she has continued health through her pregnancy and delivers a beautiful unbreakable baby.


If you support Janet Jackson, there is a brand new hashtag that’s been circling social media #Hearts4Janet. This is to show Janet that through it all, she is still loved and her fans will have space in their hearts for when she returns. Also, #StreamJanet has been trending on and off for the past few days, even though it was a Labor Day Weekend event. This significantly shows that Janet fans around the world (JanFam) will not let negativity get in the way of their love and devotion to the star.

Being in the JanFam comes with its share of drama and negativity. Due to the fact that Janet has surpassed many of the other artists. She is basically in a class of her own. She’s the Queen for a reason.


I can outright say I am not believing anything until either Janet, Wissam, Katherine or Joseph make a statement. Janet has stood firm on the fact that we are not to believe anything until it comes from her lips.
So to my beautiful #1, I truly hope and pray that you are enjoying this time and I can’t wait until you are blessed with that beautiful bundle of joy. Music and all the rest are material things, but family is forever. Take care of yourself and when you are ready to be with us crazy fans, you can return to us. We are in no rush. Enjoy this new chapter in your life.

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  • September 10, 2016 at 1:34 am

    Great read…. my sentiments exactly…. I wish people quit acting brand new (pun)… they know privacy is her middle name. Just give the woman some. God knows she deserves it. Once again, great piece! #Hearts4Janet #Plush


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