Janet’s Legacy: You Can’t Erase The BluePrint

For over 40 years, Janet Jackson has been in the business. But contrary to all of the success she’s had, the deliberate intentional blacklisting of her music and trying to erase her illustrious career has become a huge problem.

In The Beginning..

Long before Janet took Control and a few years before Penny Gordon Woods became a household name, a young Janet took to the stage with her brothers portarying the sassy character Mae West. Seeing her work the stage then, showed people the legend that she was destined to become.

Over the years, Janet has broken several records.
1.From being the most awarded Billboard artist in one night..
sidebar- Janet needed help carrying her awards off stage, no one else needed help over the years.
2.Janet is the only African American artist and third artist in history to have #1 albums in FOUR different decades starting with the 80’s.

Let There Be… Darkness???

On February 1, 2004, Janet Jackson took the halftime show by storm. She performed a medley of her biggest hits. Janet then shared the stage with her “close friend” Justin Timberlake performing “Rock Your Body” Timberlake sang the line ‘get you naked by the end of this song’ and ripped not only the leather bodice, but her red covering exposing her bare breast for a few seconds.

The aftermath caused the light that surrounded Janet to go out. When she thought she could count on the one person who was by her side on stage, he claimed amnesia and threw her under the bus to cruel backlash and to be blacklisted. She had to lose out of achievement awards and high acknowledgements.

Who’s Bad?

This certainly wasn’t Janet Jackson’s bad. Atleast to endure on her own. The Superbowl committee, FCC, NFL, MTV and radio came down way to hard on her.

It’s been 13 years since the infamous halftime show. You would think the NFL and other parties would have evaluated the situation further and granted the Icon an apology. NOPE! We all have noticed that Janet has moved on. Some of us had as well, until someone from Billboard posted “100 Greatest Award Show Performances” and… Janet, who has shut many award shows down with her performances, was not mentioned once.

The Blueprint…

As Lamont Hicks posted “You Can’t Erase The Blueprint” Many of the media outlets are trying to discredit Janet. They are trying to bury her iconic career. The artists of today owe their career to Janet Jackson. Janet was the first to do a lot in the entertainment business. For instance, they recently had a post crediting Kim Kardashian for having pierced nails. When Janet collaborated with Busta Rhymes on “What’s It Gonna Be”, showed off her long nails with piercings on the end.

Why do so many people want to discredit someone who spreads love, light and positivity? Someone who always gives back whenever she can. Janet gave her life to her career.

It has gotten so bad over the years, Janet has stopped doing interviews and has taken to social media to promote her own releases. If that’s not enough, she started her own record label. This made her break history again.

So try as they might… Janet’s legacy is the BLUEPRINT… You can’t erase that.

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