Janfam The Movement Presents: Tour’Ography Hits Torrance

Some say a rise to stardom happens overnight. But does it? Can someone really become an overnight success? Seeing that overnight ranges from 8-10 hours, I have a little doubt that stardom can happen that quickly. For Junior Hubbard & Mike Andrews, there seems to be a little validity in the meaning to overnight successes. How you say? On August 20th, the best friends saw their dream come true when they held an event that would revolutionalize the dance movement.

The event titled ‘Tour’Ography’, saw legendary choreographers come together to teach a masterclass all of the behind the scenes preparations for putting on a tour. This full day of classes revolved around the iconic career of Janet Jackson, whom all choreographers worked with.This event was the talk of social media throughout that weekend. It even saw the very own Janet Jackson take to social media to send her love.

So what does it take to put on an all-day event such as this? It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and patience. Mike Andrews, who has an impressive resumé of artists he’s worked with, said that this event was started because a lot of great things have happened in the world of dance. When it comes to Janet Jackson, her career kind of epitimized dance to what it is today. You can see by the artists today, how much this event is needed. Her fans, The Janfam, are just that, a family. A family that wants to keep the matriarch’s legacy alive. Within this family, you see Janet’s career broken down into different areas. From her music to her choreography to her humanitarian work. This is how her family honors her amazing life and career.

This event sees choreographers from different eras come together. From Tina Landon to Rob Vinson have all taken part to show fans what it is like a day in the shoes of those who have worked with Janet. This event sees the majority of them return, except for Tina Landon, who has other engagements. But there is an incredible choreographer taking her place in Mr. Swoop. Swoop has worked with Aaliyah, who wanted to eventually work with Janet but that never happened due to the untimely death of Aaliyah.

So who are these incredible choreographers?

Omar Lopez – A true, wise beyond his years visionary. He worked with Janet during her Janet era. He’s also worked with other celebrities such as Kid N Play and Jessica Alba. He’s now a DJ and Yoga instructor.

Ed Moore – His career started more than 20 years ago with the iconic MC Hammer. After moving to LA in the 90’s, he began working as a choreographer & dancer with Aaliyah. He was featured in the movie Honey and created choreography for Step Up 3D.

Richard ‘Swoop’ Whitebar – Gained his alias after working as a back up dancer for MC Hammer. He’s known for the iconic choreography to Aaliyah’s “Try Again, which won two MTV awards in 2001. He now owns BOOGALOO, which is a way to mix hip hop and aerobics into a whole lot of fun.

Anthony Thomas – Pioneer, visionary, international master teacher. He is widely known for his incredible choreography on Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 album. Thomas is still teaching dance 20 years after Rhythm Nation.

Terry Bixler – known for dancing and choreographing for Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation tour also. Terry Bixler opened up New World Dance, which is a professional dance school. This garnered him success on the competition scene as well.

Mike Andrews – an iconic choreographer who has worked with Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera and the great Whitney Houston.

Rob Vinson – I had the huge honor to ask Rob a few questions.

Here is the EXCLUSIVE:

Q1: This is your second Tour’Ography event. The first in LA had a great turn out. What do you expect from this particular event? Are your expectations high?

Rob: More fun, and I don’t have a high expectation. Just to be in the company of people enjoying dance is high enough.

Q2. Why did you sign on to do this event, not once but twice? What do you want the dancers or watchers to get from this event?

Rob: The energy of people who love Janet so much. It gets me a high.
That I haven’t lost it, and them to remember the life of love thru dance.

Q3. This event has the potential to go international, are you going to be a major part of this project going forth or is this the end for you.

Rob: I’m in it for the long haul. Too much love

Q4: Also I end every interview with this: What should we look forward to in the future from Rob Vinson? Are you done dancing?

Rob: Future is now and now I will be in it showing things as they come, in hoping to re-visit the stage with Mrs. Jackson. Never done with dancing.

So this Saturday in Torrance if you are not busy, come on out. In the words of Junior Hubbard, this is an event you don’t want to miss. You never know who will stop by.

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