JanFam The Movement Presents: Legacy

On April 7, 2018, hold on to your hats everyone! Why? JanFam The Movement will hit Los Angeles with an event for all ages! This dance and insightful event will take place at the Debbie Reynold’s Legacy Studios. Famed dancers and choreographers that worked with the ICON Janet Jackson will teach different routines and give insight and advice on what it was like working with the LEGEND.

If you are not busy, please come out to take part in one of the best dance experiences of a lifetime. Dancers and observers a like, have said how much they have learned from each of these events. Yes, I said observers. You don’t have to be a talented dancer to take part in this workshop. You can just observe.

To learn more about these events, see the flyer below or visit JanFamTheMovement.com

April 7th Staff
Allison Claire
Teresa Espinoza
Joey Cooper

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