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A Legend Known As Quincy Jones

For well over 70 years, Quincy Jones has had a huge part in the careers of artists such as Michael Jackson, Tevin Campbell, Andre Crouch, James Ingram just to name a few. Hes a composer, artist, arranger, conductor, instrumentalist, record company executive and magazine founder just to name a few of his legendary titles. Named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential jazz musicians, Quincy Jones always believed in putting in the work. At the well groomed age of 84, he has done it all. Why is he so legendary?

Jones has been making moves since the post-swing era. By the mid 50’s he was creating magic for Sarah Vaughn, Ray Charles, and Duke Ellington. For some this was the time where music had an entirely different meaning than what it does today.

In 1961, Jones became the Vice President of Mercury Records and was the first high-level black executive of an established major record company. Toward the end of his association with the label, Quincy turned his attention to another sector of the industry that had been closed to blacks—the world of film scores. As the first black composer to be embraced by the Hollywood establishment in the 60’s, he helped refresh film scores with infusions of jazz and soul. In 1963, he scored the music for Sidney Lumet’s, The Pawnbroker, which would turn out to be the first of his nearly 40 major motion picture scores. Furthermore, Jones was the first popular conductor-arranger to record with a Fender bass, and his theme from the hit TV series, Ironside, was the first synthesizer-based pop theme song.

In 1990, Jones formed Quincy Jones Entertainment (QJE), a co-venture with Time Warner, Inc, for which Quincy served as CEO and chairman. QJE had a broad ranging, multi-media agenda which encompassed programming for current and future technologies, including theatrical motion pictures; and network, cable, and syndicated television. Jones helped launch and executive produce NBC Television’s Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, UPN’s In The House, and Fox Television’s Mad TV, among other syndicated shows and television specials. In 1991, Jones founded VIBE Magazine, and with his publishing group VIBE Ventures, acquired SPIN Magazine before divesting his magazine interests.

Through the years, Quincy Jones had given us the breakdown of not only success, but he has opened many doors for up and coming artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs in general. His dedication to the entertainment business has shined so bright, that he has to wear shades now. (inside joke). Over the past few years, Quincy Jones has battled a few health issues but he still moves forward. Nothing can or will keep the ICONIC LEGEND Quincy Jones from changing the world, one project at a time.


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