The Movement Continues…. Torrance CA

Junior Hubbard took some time out of his busy day to chat with The C-Spot. He had the following to say:

When focusing on the direction of this project, I wanted to capture as many elements of Janet’s legacy, but present it in a format thats different than most dance conventions. Being the sweet person that she is, Janet takes care of her dancers and those around her. She is about unity, and a family like environment. I structured JanFam: The Movement around that same mindset; all under a theme called tourography. It’ s an exclusive day of dance and entertainment in a tour-like setting. Everyone that attends the event is apart of the crew.

What can people expect at JanFam: The Movement?

For dancers, they experience what is like to work for her and become honorary “kids” as Janet calls her dancers. They go through the ropes of auditioning, learning intricate prop choreography, original iconic routines, and a mock tour rehearsal. It’s not about who is the best dancer or who can outshine one another. It’s about being one as a group, bringing out the best in each other as if it were for janet.

For observers, they feel the essence of Janet in the building as if she were there. We have merchandise/memorbilla display areas. We play the music you love, there’s badges, your at an actual Janet show. It’s also a chance for fans to see some of their favorite dancers reunited again. You have to be there to witness the magic.We bridged the generation gap connecting older fans with newer. There will be moments were fans get to share their stories with each other and get to know the dancers beyond the spotlight.


Working with Janet’s previous choreographers must be a dream come true. What is it like to have Tina Landon apart of this project?

Tina is such an amazing person, not just as a choreographer but a true warrior of love. She cares about the younger dancers, making sure they’re protected in the dance industry. Throughout her workshop, she provides great information for parents and the overall dancer. She is an embassador for (youth protection advocates in dance) through which parents can learn more beyond the event. Being in a dance studio setting allows the faculty such as Tina to connect with you eye to eye opposed to a large convention center where you are 1 dancer out of 500.


The August 20th event in LA was a huge success. What were some of the moments folks at home didnt see?


The cool thing about the Los Angeles event is that we had cool surprises that were special. Terry Lewis’s daughter came for a workshop and killed it. Janet’s makeup artist from the previous tours came and took Tina’s workshop and donated a rare bedazzled sankofa she was going to wear on the All For You tour. It was really cool.


This upcoming event, we have special guest Aaliyah choreographer/dancer Swoop. Aaliyah always wanted to work with Janet, and there was a common love/respect for one another.

Also The Movement is honoring Mike Litherland for his nonstop action and hard work with the Induct Janet campaign.

I see that you an a few other janet fans have joined forces with each others projects?

Its really important that the community shows their support as this has been a true fan project. I’ve connected with so many Janet fans who have become my friends now. We all are doing this together to bring positivity, love, and awareness through dance through Janet. While she is on mommy duty, the fans have united to keep her name in the spotlight in a positive way. She just received another RRHOF nomination. It’s all becuz of Mike Litherland and all of his hard work with his Induct Janet campaigns. Lamont Hicks and his amazing videos that Janet put on her youtube channels. Kelly Alexander who is the true voice of the JanFam. And of course your blog CiCi.


What do you want people at home to know about your project?

If you love dance, if ur a fan of Janet and her dancers, this is the ultimate experience. You never know who may drop in.

Any last words/remarks?


I always wanted to be a dancer but gave up on that dream because my mom couldn’t afford to put me in class. What we’re doing is very budget friendly. I just encourage those who want to dance to never give up, never take no for an answer, and do your own thing without others approval.

Kelly Alexander, Junior Hubbard, Mike Litherland, CiCi Smith

the voice, the vision, the legacy, the movement, the words – Leaders of the JanFam

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