One Last Wish

How would you feel if you were someone else’s last wish? Would you want to fulfill it or be reluctant to do so?

For 60 year old Eric Schmitt-Matzen who is over 300 pounds and looks like The Big Man in the Red Jump suit, didn’t think twice about making a 6 year old boys last wish come true.

When army vet and professional Santa, Schmitt-Matzen got the call from the hospital about the boy not having long, he rushed to the hospital to grant the wish.

When Matzen arrived at the hospital, the young boys mother gave him a wrapped gift and told Matzen to give it to the young boy.

Walking into the room and seeing the young boy look so weak and frail, the professional santa went to the boy’s side. He struck up a conversation with the boy asking him about missing Christmas. He told him that he would infact be missing Christmas. Matzen told the young boy, that he couldn’t miss Christmas because he was his Number One Elf. The boy weak and frail replied “I Am?” Matzen assured him he was and handed him the gift. The boy could barely open the gift, but once he did, he gave a big smile.

The young boy had a question for Santa. He said, “How do I know when I get there?” He gave the perfect response. He said, “When you get there, tell them you are Santa’s Number One Elf and they will know to let you in. The young boy said, “Really?” Santa said “sure”. The sat up and gave Santa a big hug. Doing this, the young boy had one more question. “Will you help me?” Those were his last words as he died in Santa’s arms.

Matzen was overcome with so much emotion after that day. It took him two weeks to get over it to an extent where he can move on with his life and continue visiting kids at the hospital.

This story will be etched in my mind for a very long time. While parents are out trying to get the latest and greatest for their kids, they forget to celebrate them being alive. Something some parents cannot celebrate because their young children are no longer here.

Remember to live like this was your last day. Take nothing for granted.

*story by hollywood life

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