Shut That Down Automatic: Janet Sets The Hollywood Bowl On Fire

WIG SNATCHED! On Sunday night Janet slid into Hollywood playing no games. From the beginning of the show, she served close to 18,000 fans sexiness, fierceness and tears. Through the entire week, there was a huge buzz that her show at The Hollywood Bowl would be no less than epic. Rumors were running rampant that a few of her former dancers were teasing a reunion. The teasing came true. Janet has always said how much her “kids” meant to her. As her former dancers “The Kids” took the stage, fans went crazy. Janet served them all with throwback time.

As we roll down memory lane, The Rhythm Nation tour was her first tour. She had a few dancers and choreographers from each of her eras join her on stage to perform Rhythm Nation. This was a moment for the ages. Tina Landon, Terry Bixler, Rob Vinson, Tish Oliver, Theresa Espinoza and more joined the Nation in rhythm. Janet took what seemed like 10 minutes to introduce and tell a little story about most of her family. Let me just take a moment and say that there was two former dancers that are no longer with us, but I know they were dancing in heaven with the rest of the crew. Mike Andrews danced with Janet during her Velvet Rope era and I know for a fact, he would be smiling down so excited that this reunion took place.

Janet seemed so excited to be at home. Concert goers in attendance saw Janet’s mom and sister. Celebrities such as Raven Symone and Jennifer Hudson were in attendance as well. This crowd was on their feet the entire time singing along to hits such as ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’, ‘Feedback’ and ‘Nasty’. Each show, the crowds show Janet love. Tonight’s crowd, which was sold out, was no different.

Will there be more surprises on tour? No one knows. Janet is home tonight and feels like throwing a party. She invited fans to come party with her, because that is just the person she is. Janet came out swinging tonight and I guarantee that the party is just getting started.

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