October 8, 2016

JanFam The Movement Presents: Tour’Ography

It's that time again! JanFam The movement's Jason Hubbard and crew are planning another event. This time, it will be in Atlanta. The all-day workshop will consist of an all-male panel of special guests.
September 10, 2016

Janet Jackson: Queen Of Our Hearts

Over the years, some women and men have thought that they hit a rough patch in the weight area. More women than men, actually, have gone from diet to diet just to lose weight and feel great about themselves.
September 2, 2016

Uniting A Movement Through a Dream

As young children, we all have dreams of becoming successful at whatever we do in life. For some, it may mean a better life for their family, while others may look at being successful as an escape from
August 17, 2016


Janet Jackson has been an unstoppable force in music for a very long time. She has cemented herself as being one of the greatest of all time. As of late, Janet Jackson has been taking things easy since