Through The Decades

Where do I begin?
For me it started at age 12.. in a small suburb in Detroit Mi… where I resided … I turned on the TV and back then It was when MTV was videos back to back.. the original version. I seen and heard this beautiful woman dancing and singing Control… when I think of you … I could not help but be drawn in to how incredible she danced!! It literally blew my mind. I was a cheerleader at the time and also in an intermediate Jazz dance class … so as I was glued to
My tv… I called up all
My squad .. friends and said omg … this woman .. Janet Jackson … I’m recording … you have to come see her.. she’s incredible… we rehearsed over and over to her moves … listened and sang her songs to her cassette tapes literally wore out .. and yes I had my aunt rush out and purchase whatever Janet related there was at this time ..: I begged my dance teacher and my chear captain to watch her and listen to her and felt so proud when we cheered and when it was recital time because I knew right then … Janet Jackson is a star and her and I are so close in age ….. I continued to follow her as I got into my teen years … I had a nervous breakdown at age 18 and the only person I wanted to listen to was her … her music inspired me and uplifted my most darkest days even at that young age … I reflected on her track Control because I was torn back and forth from living with my mother and my aunt .. I said u know what ? Just like Janet .. this is my life I want to be the one in CONTROL. Fast forward to my 20s and 30s during this time I had my first child .. during Lamoze class you had to have a focal point to get your mind off labor .. well mine was the AFY album sitting right next to me and the music playing a few inches from it .. forget the breathing exercises … I had my icon my idol my inspiration Janet .. and my family knew it …. my first son chandler was born to the tracks playing in the background from this album at 2am and all the nurses were dancing singing .. we were the loudest bunch on June 3rd of 2001… from there I became so obsessed with RN1814 …. with the VR and on and on …. each album made an impact on my life and in late January of 2006 I attempted suicide … something told me to get out all
My Janet photos and music and it stopped me … knowing that my idol had went through depression herself I thought if Janet can do it … I have to live … I have my son .. I have my daughter they need me ..: fast forward .. Janet fell off the radar for awhile but I knew she would come back … I didn’t have every tour .. I hadn’t even seen her until 2001 my first Janet tour ever the AFY tour in Tampa Fl… how exciting after so many years n decades of loving her . I cried seeing her there as a die hard fan …. for seeing me from dark to light on many occasions . I didn’t need to possess all the merchandise or tours… I knew she loved her fans and I knew they loved her and that’s all I ever needed to validate how humble and genuine Janet really was. Here she comes with Unbreakable.. and yet again I’m literally fascinated and couldn’t wait to hear the album … to learn her new moves .. curious where have u been Janet for 7 years ? Even knowing she was private I couldn’t get enough of every snippet she put out along with her producers Jimmy and Terry and by the way can we say best producers ever? I finally after 14 years … blessed to see her in concert again in Tampa on September 24 2015 .. Unbreakable Tampa… I cried the entire show because I knew there she is again… the woman I have identified and idolized most of my life in this 🌏 earth .. here we are a year later and I still support her every move … and to close this … I am more than happy Janet has found her Prince finally .. she is due to have her baby very soon… and nominated again for the RRHOF…. the one thing I know now that ties it all together is she truly is Unbreakable. ❤️❤️❤️

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  • October 20, 2016 at 3:47 am

    This was an awesome read!! 😍

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    Great read… #Plush


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