True Inspiration

With all of the rumors swirling around Janet Jackson’s marriage/life, as usual, the loyals (J-Tribe/JanFam) has decided to shine a light on her inspiration. True enough, we all know that Janet inspires everyone, yet the time taken to post negativity outweighs the positive aspect of her inspiration. Many of you know my story of how Janet first began to, not only inspire me, but to strengthen me; minister to me; build my character; encourage me; unite me with like minded individuals; etc. Yes, Janet has done each of these things and much more with her beautiful spirit, as well as music and dance. Fast forwarding to today, Janet has recently lit a spark in me to do other things. Things I didn’t imagine was possible. I had been ill lately and struggling to find my creativity. I wasn’t able to write, make music, or even commit to my studies. As many of you know, my daughter loves to dance. I also love to dance, although I can’t. The thing is, I see dance the way I see lyrics, hear music, and interpret poetry. I just am not the one to do it (dance). My daughter, which recently moved out, came home for a visit. I adore watching her & her crew #GetSum on the dance floor. I even know the routines. Well, my latest endeavor, inspired by Janet, has allowed me to give a face to what I’ve been seeing in my head for so many years. I always get involved in my kids’ projects to ensure they are their best & get exposure. The weekend that my daughter spent with me, she spent it dancing, as always. I, as always, was right there to encourage my kids (my daughter & her friends/bonus kids). Only this time, I showed my kids what I seen in their pieces, to the best of my ability. I’ve always done that and they have used some of the movement. This time was different. Mind you that I hadn’t created anything for a hot minute. Their dance was nearly complete, yet they saw fit to use every single movement I showed them or told them, with their #Plush on it. It was such a great feeling. Here I was not able to create anything in my own lane, yet in that moment, God gave me a way to create. I credit Janet for inspiration to follow my heart and do whatever it is I want to do. I may not be able to dance, but my kids can. I got my spark back, by listening to Janet’s music. Like she said, “can’t nobody tell you what you can’t do, Shut that down automatic,” so I did. When it is perfected you will all see a piece of my creativity, finally interpreted in dance. Even though it’s not a Janet song, the fact still remains, she inspired every movement. As with the #JanetsLegacyMatters’ #PoeticJusticeChallenge, I hadn’t rhymed anything for months, yet when the #JanFam called, I reacted, “Because of Love,’ for Janet, as well as the fam and especially, the movement that Lamont and Chris started. I truly will always appreciate Janet for bringing the #JanFam together. I love yawl so much. This is how Janet Jackson inspires!!! #Plush

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