Uniting A Movement Through a Dream

As young children, we all have dreams of becoming successful at whatever we do in life. For some, it may mean a better life for their family, while others may look at being successful as an escape from something. No matter how you become successful or why is up to you. You have to put in hard work to make the dream work and that is exactly what Junior Hubbard did. All the while I was going through the interview, I sat and thought we were connected by more than music and dance. Our stories are very similar. Here is Junior’s story.

Uniting A Movement

Thank you for taking time out for this interview

CS: The name of the movement is JanFam: The Movement. How was this created? Who inspired you?

JH: My aunt was passing from cancer and I made a promise to her that I would do something amazing with dance and for Janet. She said whatever I do, make sure that it’s done right, and to have fun. I never let go of our last conversations and that fueled me into creating this project. The name JanFam derived from the fans being more of a family because of our Janet connection. The movement got added because I wanted to make a statement on Janet’s impact on dance.

CS: How long has the movement been around?

JH: Conceptually, the movement began in 2013. It originally was going to be a documentary film featuring myself engaging with fans, and hearing their stories while following Janet on tour. I initially wanted to meet the choreographers and hear their take on their legacy through dance, and then the lightbulb appeared; create a unique dance event

CS: Seeing how Janet Jackson had her own movement during her Rhythm Nation Era, what would you want to come of this movement? Are you aiming for unity as well?

JH:I want dancers, fans, and especially children to come together through the love of dance. With this event, we create that family-like structure and connection that Janet assimilates within her crew. All egos are left at the door and the room is filled with love and support. For one day, people from all walks of life can forget their troubles and have fun through dance.

CS: With all of the social injustices that are taking place, do you believe that one day your movement will bring about change in a way?

JH: I believe that we are creating change every day. From the love of many supporters on social media, I know we are bringing smiles and happiness to a lot of people.

Dream Fulfilled

CS: I saw a few weeks ago, where there was an all day event that went on titled Tour’Ography. How long did it take to plan this event?

JH: The LA event itself took about 3 months to plan. Had a few trial and error runs prior, but I think this time we got it right.

CS: Did you have any idea that it would be as successful as it was?

JH: I had no idea it would be this HUGE. For me, I enjoyed seeing the little kids who weren’t too familiar with Janet’s catalog, stick the moves really well and soak up all the info the faculty provided.

CS: How did you get amazing people such as Tina & Omar involved?

JH: I was so nervous to even contact Tina because she is Tina Landon. Like the others, they were humbled and thankful and just said yes. It has been a real dream come true to have my dance heroes apart of something I created in their honor. They are really great people to be around with.

CS: Will there be more events like Tour’Ograpgy?

JH: Of course. It takes the support of the dance communities and Janet fans all over to make this possible for their city.

What’s Next

CS: What’s next for JanFam: The Movement?

JH: We are in preparation for our Atlanta tour date in November. Due to the success of the LA event, we selected participants from LA to be a part of our JanFam Protege program. They will travel with us at each tour date and be a future leader for others at the events. They will be given a schedule, have call times to make, the whole she-bang. A real world experience of being a working dancer on the road under the mentorship of our faculty members. Each city, we will be looking for other members as future proteges. Each city we go to will be featured in our documentary about the movement.

CS: Any new projects your working on?

JH: I’m always working on something lol. My brain never stops. What a lot of folks don’t know about me is that I’m a songwriter. I’m finishing up a collection of songs I wrote with my brother Nelson Ortiz who does the vocals on all my tracks. We hope to release our music soon and create some amazing visuals with it. What I can say is that, what we do is timeless and I hope folks really enjoy it. Besides that, I’m reviewing a few film treatments and scripts I have locked up in the Junior vault lol. CS

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  • September 2, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    Awesome… Can’t wait 2 be around da fam n ATL. Great read CiCi and Junior.


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