What’s Going On: Living In A World of Separation

Growing up in the “South”, you would think that I would grow up half knowing about my ancestors and all of the years of struggle and sacrifices, compromising and broken promises that they went through during the years of slavery and after being segregated. I was a very knowledgeable child who grew up with the strength to understand my past and move from it. Yes, we as African American people, were bought here unwillingly to work for slave owners. Yes, our ancestors were brutalized and treated unkindly. Yes, our ancestors were not taught to be an educated force. As times changed, more rights were given. Over the years, most became people who decided to hold on to the realm of Slavery and blame their ignorance on it. Slavery happened hundreds of years ago. Should we get over it? No, we should come to terms that it happened. We should think about what our ancestors would want us to do, how would they want us to live. So many people walked the walk and sacrificed their lives so we can live. So we can make the most of our lives.

What do most do instead of living their lives to the extent that it can be lived? They sit behind their computers and take to social media to complain about commercials, they want to bring a fun and entertaining sport from being America’s favorite game to a hustle and bustle of politics. Let me tell some of my people what is happening. We are teaching the younger generations to not sit down to learn History the correct way. We are teaching them to believe what’s going on based on opinions. You know what that causes? Racism, Prejudice, Ignorance. We want to form our children’s way of thinking. Oh, don’t be friends with him because his dad slapped a guy for being disrespectful. Don’t be friends with her because her 5x great grandfather was a slave master. We should realize that all people are not the same. We should realize that when times change, sometimes people do too.

One thing that bothered me recently was the DOVE commercial that has so many talking.: Apparently, some are so stuck in the world of someone being against them, they can take a simple commercial and turn it racist. The commercial showed a beautiful brown skinned African American woman. Her clothes was the same color as her skin. I thought oh she’s dirty from head to toe, I bet Dove can solve that issue. By the end of the commercial, the girl showered with Dove and became a beautiful pale skinned girl with red hair and freckles. I found no harm in the commercial, but a lot of people did. So I guess I am one of a few who doesn’t see color when I look at things.

The Problem With the State of the World

From 1984 to 2017, there were 10 mass shootings that changed the world. The few that stood out to me were Sandy Hook, Pulse in Orlando and Vegas. These shootings stood out to me because what these three places stood for. A school were babies were learning, a club where people weren’t afraid to be themselves and a concert where people of all nationalities just wanted to enjoy good music. Innocent lives gone too soon.

Since I could remember there has been violence. Let me explain something. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, even today you hear about shootings and people killing each other for shoes, or other material things. This is black people killing black people. Not unjustified killings by police officers. Not white privilege. This is the black race killing each other. Why is it ok for us to kill each other? Why didn’t anyone kneel on a football field then, or get angry about the violence and crime. See I don’t like violence from anyone. It just boggles my mind how so many can be speechless and silent when the gangs are out here killing our youth before they got a chance to live, but turn around and protest and create hashtags when an officer kills and unarmed kid or adult. Don’t get me wrong, I am upset about that as well. But I didn’t just become woke, I been woke to all the tragedies and unjust of the world. As a kid, I looked at our world in a light that others didn’t see. I didn’t just watch BET Honor Jesse Williams and make one world he said in his acceptance speech spread. I am one who speaks the real truth if people believe it or not. I have friends of all races, religions etc. I am not blinded by color. I want everyone to live in solidarity and happiness. I am not boycotting any sport I have been watching, or any product that I have been using. You say oh there are a lot of black owned stores and products, hold up, doesn’t that make you prejudice or racist. You don’t want the white people to treat you differently, so why do it to them. I know a lot of companies who love all of their customers. So to say all that is to say this. The more you try to bring color into every situation, the worse things will get. Am I saying settle for what’s going on? No. I am saying letting a hashtag go viral on social media does nothing. You have to go out into your community and change things, one step at a time. Voting is one thing you can do.

Things have become so out of order that the entertainment business is losing. You know all about the 2004 incident at the Super Bowl. Word was that both Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were not going to be invited. Well, while Janet Jackson is still feeling the heat from 2004, Justin Timberlake has been named the headliner of the 2018 game. To me this is all sorts of wrong. The way he treated Janet was not cool. Yes, fans are outraged. To my knowledge, Justin hasn’t issued a public apology for what happened after the cameras went off. I, don’t want Janet on stage at the bowl, but if she’s asked it is her choice. I think that she has done that and it’s time to move on to better things. Also, I believe that this is the main reason she hasn’t been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She was nominated for two years in a row, but failed to make it this year. Janet is currently on her State of The World Tour, which brings the issues of the world to the forefront. She is denouncing White Supremacy and putting abuse in the spotlight. Also, she shows us how to love and be loved as well.

Here is a more in depth view of racial injustice in the NFL from writer/author Candis Johnson

Kneel for Something or Fall for anything: A fight for Racial In Justice (Inside the NFL)

“Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, we are caught in an escapable network of Mutuality, tied a single garment of destiny whatever affects all indirectly.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Racial inequality is something that many minorities have had to deal with for decades and from so many aspects of life. Mainly because someone decided one race out ranks another. Not just in race or social class but in life which in theory and practice is foolish, however people have choices and since the 60’s in America some of the choices people of color have made sparked a revolution for change. Specifically, with the civil rights movement.

Now, people of color decided enough was enough and being treated unfairly was just unethical. Had it not been for the actions of Rosa Parks remaining seated on a bus in a seat reserved for “Whites only” who knows what life would be for people of color today. Even though Parks was not the first to remain seated on a bus in a seat reserved for a white person, she had what the others did not, support.

Without the NAACP who knows what would have become of Parks and her act of rebellion for a cause greater than her. With all the advancements the civil rights have afforded to minorities as well as people in general. It is seemingly unimaginable that in 2017, racism, inequality and outright hatred would be running amuck.
However, that is exactly the case. From the unnecessary killings of unarmed black men, women and children to legendary Black artists (Janet Jackson) being banned from performing at the National Football League super bowl for life following the infamous (wardrobe malfunction) caused by Justin Timberlake in 2004; who is rumored to perform at the Super bowl in 2018. While on this issue, the National Football League has been a hot topic recently. The players more specifically, leading the charge currently is Free agent Colin Kaepernick. Although he is an NFL player his downright militant political views have earned him much notoriety. As it relates to saluting the American flag. A tradition that is rooted in American values that constitutionally does not include people of color. Kaepernick is not the first NFL player or athlete to use his sports platform as a spring board for racial injustice and more than likely, he will not be the last.

With all this racial injustice polluting the air from civilians to the Commander in Chief (I use that term loosely) Donald Trump and his regular rants on Twitter about things that have nothing to do with the world’s problems at large.
Namely, the aftermath of the hurricanes which have devastated islands like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to name a few which just so happen to be part of the United States. As the saying goes “Stand for something or fall for anything.”

In this case “Kneel for something or fall for anything.” Players within the NFL have finally gotten on board with Kaepernick and others who have been adamantly vocal about racial inequality. So many have missed the point for this revolutionary movement that there was a need to write about it.
In an article written by People Magazine Patriots quarterback Tom Brady who is known to be friendly with the President denounced his racially motivated comments by standing locked arms with his fellow brethren in a stance against racial injustice. Brady also shared a spirited photo of himself and fellow Patriot Running Back James White with a caption that read “Strength. Passion. Love. Brotherhood. Team. Unity Commitment. Dedication. Determination. Respect. Loyalty Work. #nflplayer at the end of the day, these ongoing protests from the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter to this “Take a Knee” initiative is all rhetoric for a greater purpose that is Justice and Equality!” I think Janet Jackson said it best “To a world sick with racism get well soon.”

By Candis Johnson

In 2008, we elected the most honorable, respectful, compassionate man as president. Tragedies happened and within days, President Obama was there. He made laws to help the most deserving people get lifesaving help through a special Obama Care act. He also had laws to keep the mentally ill from purchasing hand guns putting millions at risk each day. Things were looking up for many of us. Yes, Sandy Hook happened during his presidency, but he handled it in a way that not even I could even imagine. President Obama went to the school and sat with each victim’s family. While holding each of the victims’ photos, he listened as the families talked about each of the 20 children and 6 adults. He was even caught shedding tears a few times. He said in a press conference that he would make a change. He put things into motion. A lot of things President Obama did was undone the first day by the most despicable, biased, racist, I am only doing this to undo everything Obama did guy that exists. This president has no political background and doesn’t even know how to be compassionate to anyone. He ridicules Puerto Rico every chance he gets. He is a president who uses social media to mock physically disabled people and people who sacrificed their lives in war. He also curses out professional sports figures who doesn’t want to visit him at The White House. I’ve never been more humiliated by the head of state ever. I have friends who live in other countries and they tell me that they fear Trump will have our country blown up at any time. He can’t even run our country but worried about how other’s countries are run. The only good thing he knows how to golf because that’s where he is most of the time. This is what happens when people don’t vote. I foresee voting numbers will rise in 2020.

What we can do now is stop hashtags on social media and start changing how things are in the communities. Let’s change on community at a time. We need to unite as one. Unity is the key.
I understand many of you may have disagreements with what I say, but I am not for UNITY.


For all of my Christians out there – ‘For God So Loved The World That He Gave His Only Son Son That WhoSoEver Believes In Him Shall Not Perish But Have Everlasting Life.’

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