A Writer’s Imagination: In Her Own Words

As a writer, many think that words flow easy and thoughts are complete. Some also feel like writers can embrace any subject freely and write whatever comes to mind. In most cases, thoughts are easy to come by, except when an audience is a group of professionals who wouldn’t want to hear any street lingo for their brand.

When it comes down to it, writing isn’t for everyone. But for others, writing is a part of their everyday lives.Writing is what feels the void for someone who can’t seem to find the right person to talk to. It is like the words come alive on that piece of paper and ease all troubles. Some write to feel complete, to cope with something or just because it is their life-long passion to do so.

I had the chance to work with one writer. Before I knew her story, I knew her passion. Before I knew her name, I knew her work. We both have common ground when it comes to writing. I have co-written for her a few times and she has co-written on a blog for me. If I don’t know anything else about her, I know her passion. All the writers that have come across, don’t take pride in what they do, but Candis Johnson takes pride in EVERYTHING she does.

In Her Own Words

I felt that it was time I knew her story, so I did what any writer would do, I asked the source. Here is what I learned about her in her own words.

CS: What inspired you to start writing?

Johnson: It’s funny that you ask me that because truthfully there isn’t really just one answer. There are a few reasons why I write or started writing. Initially, it was a way to express feelings or emotions that I believed I couldn’t share with others close to me. Because I always felt that I would be judged so I mostly kept things to myself or would lash out from time to time until I got my first diary at age 11 for Christmas one year and for me, that’s where the interest started. The love for writing blossomed over time.

A Writer’s Influence

I think in 6th grade I started to pay more attention to my ability to write I was prompted by a teacher to take part in an oratorical contest where I had to write and memorize a speech. The topics varied and I chose education. I ended up winning first place. So from 6th to 8th grade I tested my writing ability further with other writing contests and at some point I fell in love with poets Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes.

Although I have various writing influences the two I mentioned I love the most. When it was time for High School I headed straight for a Performing Arts School to hone my craft.

When Imagination Becomes Reality

CS: What prompted you to start S.O.U.L (Say On Universal Languages) your literary magazine?

Johnson: Like my previous response there are a few things that prompted me to start this magazine. In high school, the young women who ultimately became my creative writing sisters had a mandatory obligation in our creative writing classes to participate in contributing to the literary magazine the upperclassmen were responsible for creating and editing. Then my senior those same girls and I were in charge of editing and creating the literary magazine and its content and I liked doing it.

Also creating S.O.U.L was a way for me and bunch of other writers to get together and share our unpublished gifts with the world and pay tribute to the most fascinating era of all time (in my opinion) my favorite era, The Harlem Renaissance and to educate people on how lucrative this time was for blacks in this era as far as creative expression is concerned. I also wanted to give back to my high school by using some of the talented unpublished young writers so that they too could share their gift with the world. CS

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