Yes We Remember: Michael Jackson


58 years ago today, a KING was born. As a young boy, I am pretty sure Michael Joseph Jackson didn’t realize how legendary his career would be. Yes, I used the words legendary and King. Michael Jackson is and will always be known as the KING OF POP. His career started at a young age with The Jackson 5. Off The Wall debuted in 1979, to amazing numbers, but in 1982 his career skyrocketed and never lost momentum with the release of Thriller.


Upon Thriller’s release, Michael Jackson soon became more than a household name. I believe if twitter and other social media platforms were in existence, Michael would be the top trend. I watched as the news coverage showed most of the reactions from his sold out concerts, where fans would pass out or need some type of medical attention when Michael came out on stage.


With Thriller still making noise on the charts today, one would tend to overshadow his later albums because of legal matters. No one can argue the fact that today’s artists have one family in mind, The Jacksons. It all started with Michael and The Jackson 5 who paved the way for Queen Janet. Michael inspired others from his family to be the best in their careers. Who in the music industry can clearly say they weren’t inspired by The Jacksons? This legendary family had one thing on their mind. Originality.

A King Earned His Heavenly Crown

Through all of Michael’s career, he stayed primarily at the top. With high certifications, legendary music, and timeless videos, Michael was a force in the industry. He was the one to beat for every award. Michael had a somewhat troubled life since he was a kid. I am speaking from the words Michael spoke. He struggled with a lot. Michael seemed as he was one to deal with things himself. Sometimes you need someone to take the load, but in Michael’s case, The Higher Power pulled this amazingly talented beautiful KING and placed on him his heavenly crown. A crown fit for a King.

Broken Hearts Heal… STRONGER

In 2015, with her 11th studio album, Janet Jackson paid tribute to her brother Michael with the song Broken Hearts Heal. This song detailed their lives growing up as being amazing times. How they made up songs doing chores and how much they loved each other. Janet said time and time again that She and Michael were close. After Michael’s passing, Janet said how she couldn’t listen to Micheal’s music or watch his videos for a long time. They had a bond that was earthly broken but that bond lives on through the spirit of Michael.

Happy 58th Birthday Mike

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  • August 30, 2016 at 2:49 am

    Great piece… R.I.P. Mike… U will 4ever be remembered and greatly missed. Much luv!!!


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